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A trundle bed

My kids had their own beds but we realised that a lot of the time they seemed to end up in our bedroom anyway. Between being sick and having nightmares we had an extra person in our bed a lot and things were getting a bit cramped. We ended up solving the issue by finding a slimline trundle bed that we could have under our bed and pull out for the kids to sleep on when they needed to sleep in our room. This blog is all about finding trundle beds, pull outs, and other furniture to help make life easier when you need it.



A trundle bed


Tips to Follow When You're Using a Cabinet Maker to Build Custom Cabinetry for Your Kitchen

With so many design ideas for custom cabinets available out there, you can easily feel overwhelmed when it is time to customize your own kitchen cabinets. Keep in mind that how you style up your kitchen with custom cabinets can reveal a lot of things regarding your personality and lifestyle. If you are using a cabinet maker, such as those at Kurt Sander Ltd, to build custom kitchen cabinetry that will suit your personal sense of style as well as the way you live, here's some crucial advice that can help make your project a lot easier to execute.